On this Rock

If you’re into rock and metal and think Christianity just doesn’t ‘fit’ with that, we reckon you should think again.

We are a community of Christians in Bristol who are involved in and passionate about the rock and metal community. If you’ve ever thought ‘church’ isn’t for you, yeah, we get that – which is why we meet in The Hatchet and other rock/metal pubs in Bristol.

If you’ve ever tried church (or your parents made you go as a kid!) but you felt unwelcome or ignored or even rejected – we get that too – and promise you will always be welcome to join in any of our sessions.

So, what are we about?

  • We are on a journey to get to know Jesus and all the mystery that entails.
  • Yeah, we know metallers and rockers are awesome, but you’ve got to admit, we’re not immune to wondering what it’s all about sometimes –  why not find out how you can connect your story with ‘God’s Big Story’

How do we do this?

  • In a sub-culture where many would say God can’t be found, we’re building a community of people who are blessed and loved for who they are…. one conversation and act of kindness at a time.
  • We make friends, show love and grace to each other, encourage one another in our faith journeys, and we share our weakness, challenges and victories together.