How can someone see God and then not following through with their faith? Good question.

How can they not acknowledge it more; not choose to follow him?

If someone acknowledges and hears that Jesus died for them, why then reject the best answer? It seems so obvious and simple – that God loves us.

Our son pick for this is ‘Golgotha’ by W.A.S.P. The song realises this simple truth – that Jesus’ death on the cross was a powerful act of love. Anyone can receive God’s love no matter what they’ve been through if they simply believe this truth.

“Jesus, I need you now. Show me I’m lost somehow, oh and show me there’s a way…… Show me there’s a reason. Keep believing you’re the one. My knees are buried at your cross.”

We were inspired this week by a story about a woman who took a bold step of loving courage to calm a guy on the train who was “terrorizing the other passengers with his aggressive actions and curses.” She just held his hand. That simple but powerful action helped heal him for that moment. It is also pure simplicity that God is love. He loves us, and that He sent Jesus to show us the way to connect back to God – the way of forgiveness and love.

So if it’s that simple, why don’t people follow?  The problem of suffering is a big objection for many people; that the “goodness of God is not consistent with the existence of suffering or evil in the world”, which  J. Warner Wallace tackles here. For others, there may be an unwillingness to be morally accountable – barriers and objections are put up because they don’t want it to be true.

Love is a sacrifice and a risk; it calls us out of comfort zones. That’s what Jesus did. As the song says ‘Heaven’s come down’ – Jesus gave up heaven to come to save us.