It’s about time we picked a SOTW from these epic British metallers, eh?

The song ‘The Wicker Man’ was inspired by the film of the same name (not, apparently the one starring Nicholas Cage, which has been hailed as one the most unintentionally funny films of all times – but that’s not for us to go into here; check out some YouTube clips or this Hilariosity Review.)

It’s nigh-on impossible to explain accurately all that a Wicker man ceremony was or is in a couple sentences, or to give justice to such a rich tradition as Celtic paganism. But in a nutshell, the ritual has developed over centuries and is occasionally practised today by neo-Pagans, especially around Beltane. At the heart of it, as with any ceremony, is communities of people coming together to celebrate or give thanks – and in the case of the Wicker man, the ritual traditionally seems to have been about celebrating the renewal of the earth after the hard winter.

In the film, the burning of the Wicker man is supposed to appease the Gods to bring about a fruitful and bountiful harvest. The idea of having to appease Gods is not a new one, but in Christianity, the spiritual landscape is changed. It’s unique among all other religions and spiritualities. How? Simply because we don’t need to work our way to God – through Jesus, He has come to us and we can be forgiven and the slate wiped clean. God freely offers us grace and mercy – it’s His unmerited favour towards us – we don’t need to appease Him, we just need to accept Him.

Check out Frank Turek’s brief take on this here.

So, onto our song – the lyrics say:

“… say goodbye to death, hello to eternity and live for every breath……Nothing you can contemplate will ever be the same. Every second is a new spark, sets the universe aflame.”

As the song also says, “Your time will come.” The question is are you going to ‘say hello to eternity’ and ‘say goodbye to death’? If you choose to follow Jesus, “nothing you can contemplate with ever be the same.”